Back To Work

I’m going back to work next week! Well, work experience anyway.

A little like a politician before an election I made promises about keeping you updated about my life back in college. Then I got in and what happened? I kept telling myself I’d get to that promise I made tomorrow or next week or when I had a second. The major problem for me is I chose an Arts course when I went back to school.

Arts is a broad sweep of subjects and areas. I’ve researched a family member who fought in 1916 and my family tree, taken and developed my own black and white photographs and I’m studying the excavation of the Viking settlement at Wood Quay in Dublin all in the last month or so.

That’s not to mention the journalism, the European studies, the folklore, the politics and the other modules to be studied. All in all to do well in an arts course, there is lots of reading to be done and lots of writing about that reading. Anyone who has done English and History for their leaving certificate can imagine the type of work involved.

As I told you all before I was keeping up with all my lectures and assignments but the volume of work has left me with little head space for the other things in my life. I’ve scaled back the volunteering; this blog has gone on the long finger and my mates? Well if you’re still there lads I’ll be back in circulation soon. (I did break my phone screen 8 days ago, so I’m quite literally incommunicado at the moment!)

But anyway back to work fella.

It might only be work experience I’m going into on Monday morning but who knows who I might meet, who I might impress and what may follow afterwards. I’ve two sets of work experience lined up in the culture and history fields and I’ll know lots more about my plans and possibilities after them.

I’d love to be able to get back to work full-time, I’d also love to carry on studying and carry on up the education ladder. The issue as always is management and control.

I have a feckin’ management degree but that has been of no use to me this year in managing school and arthritis/fibromyalgia. It is a direct result of the commute, the reading, the assignments that I have nothing left each day. To borrow the old chronic illness phrase; ‘I’ve no spoons left.’

I’ve been in decent form; I just haven’t been able to tell anyone because once I get home from college that’s it for me. I know there’s a little bit of Season Affected Disorder in that but mostly it’s the crushing fatigue and pain.

So I’ve coped alright with being in school five days a week and working on assignments and the rest. Now I’ll have five days of work with longer contact hours but less work to do outside of that so I’m hoping they’ll balance out to the same thing.

One way or the other I’ll give it my best shot next week. The whole point of going back to education was to retrain and find a new job so this was always part of the process. I’ll be a bit nervous, who isn’t starting a new job, but I’ll ask my questions and learn the ropes as quickly as I can.

So I’ll make you a delicate promise. I will try to tell you how my work placement goes but if I don’t, that doesn’t mean it went badly. I’m hoping it means that it has gone really well but I just don’t have the spoons left to write about it.

Wish me luck.