Que Sera, Sera

I set my alarm for 8am today. The plan was to go for a walk, come home and then get stuck in to some work around the house after the exercise was done.

All I can say is my alarm went off at 8am.

I’ve long given up the belief that this blog is my link to thousands of readers but if any of you have wondered where I’ve been this summer; this one’s for you.

I’ll get the negatives out of the way first. I’ve struggled with exercise all summer as my heart and blood pressure have given issues. Is it a side-effect of the myriad medications I’m taking or my immune system attacking yet one more internal organ? The jury is out but we are looking in to it and we’ll hopefully know more soon.

My knees are causing me more problems than ever, they seem to be on a forever downward spiral at the moment. I find it difficult to bend them or load them with extra weight. When I go for the train in the morning, I know the stairs to cross the platform will be excruciating but I go slowly and I get there.

Even with the knees as they are I’ve started doing some coaching this season. They’re going to be sore anyway so why not for a good reason like having a laugh with a team and being involved in football again.

The rest is as it has been this last while. No better, no worse. My hands and shoulders are the worst affected after my knees and everywhere hurts all the time. I will try not to let it hold me back though. I’m on the steroids and the codeine at the moment but hopefully that’s just a short burst to regain control.

Now to the positives of a great summer. Many will have thought I went to ground as my output has been next to nothing through my personal accounts. However, I’ve been hiding in plain site as I’ve been on social media for almost the entire summer.

I finished college in May, leaving Dun Laoghaire after they rebuilt me into someone able to function in the real world. Luckily, during the Easter break that preceded the end of term, I made contact with Cricket Ireland about a temporary position for the summer months.

It’s a sport I’ve loved my entire life and 2017 has been an outstanding year for the game of cricket in Ireland. There’s always work to do but to gain full membership (one of only 12 countries) of the international governing body was a momentous day.

To have wanted that day to come, as a fan, for so many years and then to be there to broadcast and publicise the official word coming through from the meeting is something I’ll never forget. So many people, worked so hard to bring the Ireland to that point but I felt so lucky to be able to say I was there, in the office tweeting and posting, the day it happened.

So I’ve spent my summer working in cricket. Match reports and interviews are one aspect but there are so many other jobs to be done I haven’t really had a second to step out of the bubble. That’s been by choice though, I love the game and want everyone to know about it and what it can offer young and old alike.

Another big day, but on a much more personal level happened just a few weeks ago. I lost touch with my school friends very quickly after going to college. There was a reunion a couple of years back but my anxiety was too much and I didn’t attend.

When another was organised this year, I resolved to go. I’m delighted I did because I got to see and catch-up with people I was so close to so many years ago.

It’s September now and for the last two years that has meant going back to school. Not this year.

Now it’s time to take the step back into the working world. It’s going to be tough, I have benefits, medications, hours of work and body strength to consider.

However, this step will not be excruciating. These are not the steps to get to the train in the morning. I’ve spent two years upskilling, getting experience, learning and testing myself to the point that I know what I can do.

Que sera, sera.

I am capable of doing things I enjoy be it a hobby, like coaching, or a job, like media/communications, it is up to me to make it happen. If my arthritis needs treatment or attention it will get it, I know I need 5 minutes extra to get the train in the morning but I don’t want to be held back by it.

Like my online presence this summer, if I can keep my arthritis hidden in plain sight then I can make my life an enjoyable one, not just a matter of survival.